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studio huma

emmy laura pérez fjalland / ph.d. in human geography and planning studies

studio huma

studio huma is my research-led artistic practice, and was initiated in 2019 as I had just finished my PhD.

studio huma emerge from a ‘curious practice’ of geography and critical ecological thinking.

studio huma works with environmental storytelling, landscape architecture and planning, and the fields of urban natures, cultural landscapes, and food production.

studio huma brings attention to more-than-human world-making, ecosocial landscaping and place imaginaries – mostly over long timespans.  

studio huma is deeply interested in 1) how humans are – and have been – interacting with the natural and social environments they live on, in, with, and along, 2) in heritage landscapes and environmental futures, and 3) the cultural significance of working with ecological transformation within the fields of landscape architecture and planning.  

To research and understand a place, site or landscape, studio huma make use of etnography, fieldwork, mapping- and archive-techniques as well as collaborative methods and methodologies of the body.

studio huma works with writing, teaching, curating, and advising. studio huma do workshops and walks, conversations, meetings and talks, just as cooking, mapmaking, route-making, and photography are part of how the studio research and tell landscape stories. 

studio huma has collaborated with farmers, herders, chefs, foresters, gardeners, artists, artisans, musicians, audio makers, architects, designers, planners, archaeologists, biologists, geologists as well as municipalities, libraries, media houses, and cultural institutions.


In 2023 studio huma was engaged with Anthropogenic Heathlands, a research project at Aarhus University, the association Får til kanten and Lystbækgård (herders in Jutland, collaborating since 2021), the media Føljeton (Jordbo, since late 2019) and Dagbladet Information (Almanak, 2023). Emmy Laura was ‘artist in residency’ in Sorø Libraries, and she is connected to the curatorial platform-project Hosting Lands led by Laboratory for Aesthetics & Ecology (2022-2023). studio huma has advised and co-written signs and routes in the forests of Skanderborg Municipality, and is curating and writing a book for the garden Sct. Hans Have in Roskilde. On top of these larger engagements, Emmy Laura has given lectures, talks, readings and walks (see ‘engagements’), and contributed with pieces (see ‘writings’).